Sunday, November 08, 2020

Pork buns

This is the second time we've made Chinese-style steamed pork buns. Ken used his home-made pulled pork barbecue to make the filling by adding Chinese spices to the cooked meat. I followed a recipe for the dough that we found on the internet (I think) and it worked great.

Steamed pork buns with eggrolls (above).

After the dough rose for a couple of hours, I punched it down and divided it (and the filling) into eight equal portions. I shaped each portion of dough into a ball then flattened each ball to make a disk. Each portion of filling went on top of each disk and I pulled the dough up and around it, pinching the dough to seal it. The filled buns rested (and rose), seam side down, for a half hour before going into the steamer.

Four steamed pork buns ready for the table.

They steamed for fifteen minutes then rested in the steamer for another five. They were delicious, if I do say so myself. We served them along side some store-bought nems (eggrolls) and some leftover cole slaw. We ate half of the batch for lunch on Saturday and will finish off the other half with a beef stir-fry in the next day or two.


  1. They sound and look absolutely wonderful!!

  2. Oh, how I love steamed buns. Believe it or not, I've made egg rolls many times -- and they were always excellent. I've never made steamed buns. I wonder if I should consider it the next time SG makes pulled pork.

  3. I'mma come to your house for lunch today!

  4. I think steamed pork buns are supposed to bring good luck. Yours certainly did and they look delicious!

  5. Never had them! But I sure believe you that they were good. They remind me of that Moorish meat and nut pie that SG made, that Mitchell wrote about. Different pastry, of course, but meat pie!

  6. You've figured out how to travel the world from your kitchen. The buns look wonderful.

  7. Oooh - Judith you MUST look for them once the restaurants are open again! A colleague I worked with in L.A. took me to Chinatown and introduced me to steamed pork buns and I've never forgotten that taste! I've only had them a few times since, but maybe I'll make them like you did, Walt! I like the combination with egg rolls and coleslaw!

    Mary in Oregon

  8. Riffing off Seine Judeet's comment re meat pies, I hadn't thought of steamed buns that way. Cornish pasties, anyone? I'll bet similar varieties occur in most world cuisines.

  9. tim, they were good, and pretty easy to make.

    mitch, by "made eggrolls," do you mean dialed the neighborhood Chinese delivery place? ;)

    lori, thanks!

    anne marie, I'll set a place for you!

    bettyann, joy luck.

    judy, SG's pie looked great, and I think I'd like to try to make one.

    chris, there's not much international variety available around us, so we have to make our own.

    michael, :)

    mary, we keep eggrolls in the freezer. Sometimes we make our own, but mostly we get them from the supermarket.

    emm, cornish pasties are good. I can't remember the last time I had one.


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