Monday, November 30, 2020

Hi-ho, hi-ho, into the woods we go

To get down to the river valley, Tasha and I walk through these woods along a path that's in some places wide enough for a tractor and, in other places, only wide enough for one person to pass. The narrow part is where somebody cut down the trees (some years ago now) and the re-growth filled in with vigor. On hot summer days, the path through the woods is shady and cool. On dark winter days, it can feel downright spooky.

Tasha sniffs the ground on the way down the hill.

The temperature on the deck this morning is -0,5ºC, which means that the temperature out in the vineyards will be a degree or two colder. It's our first below-zero reading of the season.


  1. It looks cold. I love the magic of a walk in the woods. Now that I've discovered a maze of trails nearby and now that the mosquitoes are gone, I'll have to explore.

  2. 29°F here this morning -- and snow showers. This is at least 10 degrees colder than it has been... big drop last night. We put out our Christmas lights yesterday (nothing elaborate, just 3 reindeer with lights, and a lighted bough around the front door). It's sparkly :)

  3. Evokes Kipling's poem 'The Way through the Woods' - well, for me anyway.

  4. A very atmospheric photo, thanks! Gorgeous full moon last night with a clear sky here. Apparently there is a lunar eclipse tonight but it will be too cloudy here.

  5. are there any local haunts, fairies, legends lurking about in those woods? I hope so.

  6. mitch, the mosquitoes here are fleeing the cold and coming into the house. Arrrgh! But they, too, will pass.

    judy, brrr! I wonder if we'll see any snow this year. I'd like some.

    raybeard, :)

    bettyann, clouds have come in here, too.

    michael, I'm sure there are, but I don't know about them.


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