Saturday, November 28, 2020

Have a ball

These two fountains, les fontaines de Pol Bury, were installed in the Cour d'Orléans of the Palais Royal in the center of Paris back in 1985. They didn't exist when I lived in Paris a few years earlier. The first time I was back in Paris was 1988, and there they were. The building itself was also renovated and its façade cleaned since then.

Pol Bury was a Belgian artist. He died in 2005.

Back then I was just getting started with SLR photography and was into taking color slides. This image is scanned from the original slide and fixed up a little with the software I currently use to process digital photos. I was sure that I had posted it on the blog before, but I can't find it, so here it is.


  1. I'm long overdue for a trip to Paris... and I'm obviously going to be longer overdue.

  2. I need to visit that courtyard one day.

  3. I don't recall seeing it here before -- I don't think I've seen this in person, either.

  4. mitch, I was last there for a weekend in 2018. I'm not really ready to go back yet. Too many people in close quarters.

    evelyn, I hope you can! Maybe the covid thing will be less of a threat next year.

    judy, the Palais Royal's courtyards and garden are worth a stroll. And it's free.

  5. Dear me
    as a microbiologist this looks like a bad case of Staph. aureus.

  6. On my last trip to France/England and Belgium, I had originally planned to spend the last few days in Paris (I've been there a few other times), but when it came down to the decision time; I said no, I could forego Paris that time. Now, in hindsight, I think if I could have seen the future I would have chosen differently. I hadn't planned on waiting this long to return. (That was in 2007.)

    Mary in Oregon


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