Monday, November 09, 2020

Autumn on the deck

It's not quite warm enough to enjoy sitting out there for any length of time, but the deck does offer some nice views this time of year. It's not too cold to grill, though. On Sunday I grilled a steak for lunch. While grilling, I noticed that the light was particularly pretty. We had a light overcast that diffused the sunlight and made the golden leaves look even more golden.

The deck thermometer reads 16.4ºC (about 62ºF) at mid-day.

I got the camera out and snapped a few quick shots from the deck on the east side of the house and from the den window on the on the west side. I'll post a few over the next days.


  1. I always love the photos of your deck with your idyllic backdrop.

  2. 16 is just shirt wearing weather. Not bad for you in November.

  3. Where is Bertie? Too cold for him?

  4. Such a lovely place to be whether for a short time or a longer one.

  5. I good spot for a good book and a hot pot of tea

  6. grill for as long as you can in the nice weather.

  7. Your deck and view (+ le jardin!) would have sold me on your home. What a pleasant place to sit and enjoy a meal, a little wine, maybe a dessert - or just to sit and read a book (if the weather was cooperating, bien sûr!)

    Mary in Oregon

  8. mitch, I like it too!

    judy, :)

    andrew, at least two shirts... and a sweatshirt!

    chm, he's around. He likes to sit in the sun, but there wasn't any when I took the photo.

    bettyann, agreed!

    michael, sounds good!

    anne marie, you know it. With the current weather, we might get another week or two.

    mary, that and the big windows all around were important factors for us.


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