Friday, November 13, 2020

Nuts to you

The nuts have dropped from the lone walnut tree out on the vineyard road, and some critters are enjoying them. I saw this walnut cracked open on the ground. Most of the nut "meat" was gone. I wonder if it was a bird that was able to peck open the shell or some other animal. The nuts on this tree are generally too small to be tempting, although I've seen one of our former (now deceased) neighbors walk out and gather some from time to time.

What's left of a walnut on the ground.

You'll be happy to know that I overcame inertia and raked the leaves out of the driveway yesterday. I took five wheely-bin loads of leaves out to the garden plot and dumped them on. It's an annual ritual that I don't look forward to, but it sure feels good when it's done.


  1. At least your leaf-raking is eased by the fact that you can simply dump them on the garden. Bagging turns the task into a punishment. I love walnuts!

  2. A badger might have cracked that nut.

  3. Good for the driveway and good for the garden.

  4. Can you not hire some beaucoup homme to do that for you? It sounds worth it.

  5. mitch, I remember bagging. Yuck. Never again!

    chm, that could be.

    judy, gold star!

    bettyann, and good for me. ;)

    michael, I do hire a landscape contractor for the annual hedge trim and removal of dead and dying trees. And this year he's going to rebuild our garden walkway. So I figure I can manage a few leaves on my own.


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