Saturday, November 14, 2020

Fusain's orange berries

A month ago, I posted a photo of a fusain (common spindle) berry and mentioned that the actual seeds inside are a bright orange color. Now the seed pods have opened and the orange seeds are visible.

The orange seeds of the fusain.

I started moving that mulch on Friday, but my back started getting sore, so I had to stop at twelve wheelbarrows full. That's not too bad, but there is a lot more to move. I'll try to do some more today. And maybe take some photos when the progress is more impressive.


  1. Don't put it all on at once... you'll impoverish the soil.... or, you could put it on for the winter and rake it back to "paths" between the open growing areas in the Spring.

  2. Would love to see a fusion "in bloom" with seeds. So artful and vibrant.

  3. Magnificent colors. Maybe your back needs a day off.

  4. I've seen something like this around here. It's called "hearts a busting."

  5. Ditto what Tim said. I learned from an old timer when we lived in Vermont that too much carbon material will pull nitrogen out of the soil in order to aid its decomposing.

  6. tim, it will get tilled into the soil in the spring.

    mitch, and they're so small!

    bettyann, I did 15 more wheelbarrows on Saturday, but I used a fork and it went much easier. Stupid shovel.

    evelyn, that name sounds appropriate!

    sheila, we shall see. I'll also add compost in the spring.

    judy, he has to go, otherwise he'll rip into food packaging. He already ate part of a potato.


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