Sunday, November 15, 2020

Bare vines

Fall progresses, nearly two-thirds done by the calendar. The vineyard parcels out back have lost most of their leaves and the deciduous trees are not far behind.

November vines.

We're expecting a storm to blow in around mid-day. Some gusty winds and rain are predicted, so it will be an indoor day for us, except for taking Tasha out for her walks.


  1. I love the changes in seasons as demonstrated by your views.

    We're currently sunny with a 1 percent chance of rain. I would so love a few days of steady rain, but it's not likely. (Anyway, I'd have to listen to SG complain the entire time.)

  2. Perhaps you need a new mousetrap. Must say, though, that I'm cheering for the mouse.

  3. Bertie needs to get interested in the mouse!

  4. That little stinker!
    It sounds like you're experienced with the traps, but ours worked better if we smooshed the cheese onto the area where it goes, so that the mouse has to put in some extra effort to get to it, and can't just pull it off. Good luck!

  5. Walt... what I was saying yesterday about the wood chip.... the worst thing you can do is till it in in the Spring.... woodchip needs to break down for three years before incorporating it into the soil. Mulch with it and rake back off is fine... but incorporating it in the first three years will give you three years of poor crops.

  6. And, for the mousetrap... have you tried a blob of peanut butter on the paddle.... they have to eat it there... they can't run off with it,
    Or Nutella if you allow that vile stuff in the house.

  7. that looks sad but I know what happens comes spring.
    This just reminded me it is Bousejouis time! I must to Total Wine to get some.

  8. mitch, everyone needs a little fall color in their lives!

    sheila, maybe I could build a better one! lol. The mouse is fine. I released him this morning.

    evelyn, he hunts out back, so he gets his fill.

    judy, in this trap, the cheese hangs on trigger attached above. I just have to make sure it's set just so, so that the slightest movement trips it.

    tim, I'm doing some internet research now about mulch. The cheese worked finally. I have used peanut butter in the past.

    michael, I think the nouveau is realeased this Thursday, the 19th, so you still have time. :)


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