Sunday, November 22, 2020

OK, I lied

Another Beaujolais post. Ken came home from the grocery store with a new supply of Beaujolais nouveau for the coming week. Good thing. These bottles come from Super U and are sold under the store's brand. We drank the one with the purple peacock feather label (second from the left) on Saturday and it was tasty. I don't know what the peacock feather motif is all about. The grape variety used to make Beaujolais wines is gamay.

Nouveau wines from Super U. The one on the right says "No ADDED sulfites."

This morning the outdoor thermometers are reading 1.5ºC and 0.9ºC. Close to freezing. Tasha will have another "frosty paws" walk this morning. I built a fire in the wood stove yesterday, burning some of those apple trees that came down last fall. We ate applesauce cake for dessert. Symmetry.


  1. "Tasty"... Is that one of those high-brow wine connoisseur terms?

    0.9C?!? It's another ice age. It was 16 when SG got out of bed this morning. He refused to open the terrace door for the cats. "It's freezing out there." (The glass curtain surrounded the terrace was completely closed... like a greenhouse.)

  2. Must be the year of the peacock lol. Bon santé to you and Ken.

  3. That's intriguing to me that stores have their own brands of wine. Here, liquor sales have always been run by the state. Although that has changed and they now sell liquor in special sections of some stores, they must have their own attendants to keep an eye on things.

    I suppose that if liquor was readily available it would cut into the meth business.

  4. In New Jersey, where I grew up, alcohol was only allowed to be sold in special "Package" stores for liquor. In Pennsylvania, I learned that they have a special drive-through store where you buy alcohol. Out here in Missouri, where I live now, alcohol is readily available in the grocery stores (though it used to be unavailable on Sundays). Plenty of alcohol, no mask mandate, and soaring cases of COVID... that's how our state runs.

  5. Connecticut had package stores, too, even for beer. New Hampshire still has state-owned separate stores, I think. North Carolina has state-regulated stores for other than beer and wine, which are available in grocery stores.

  6. mitch, oh, yes. Also "yummy." Isn't SG from South Dakota? I guess the key word is "from."

    evelyn, merci!

    debby, I lived in PA for short time and remember that. Some teenagers I knew (ahem) would cross the nearby border into NY to buy beer.

    judy, emm, California is like France where you can buy beer, wine, and liquor in the grocery stores. But NY, my home state, is still operating with state-licensed liquor and wine stores (which, if I'm not mistaken, are closed on Sundays). Only beer is available in the supermarket.

  7. Fascinating to see these labels; there are two types for sale here and neither have these labels. I wonder if it is the same wine with different labels or we are getting some other stuff (probably not the good stuff either).

  8. Oregon has state-run liquor stores but for many years now we buy our wines and beers in the grocery stores.

    Mary in Oregon


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