Wednesday, December 14, 2022


This morning we woke up to a temperature above freezing. There's been some light rain but no snow. This morning's walk with Tasha will be damp.

These aren't raindrops, but dew drops from a couple of weeks ago. Taken with the Canon 6D.

But of course, the weather people are forecasting below freezing temps again by the weekend. Clear skies mean no snow, but they also mean very cold nights. The car inspection is this morning and we have some shopping to do before the weekend. It looks like driving will not be a problem.


  1. Nice of Mother Nature to schedule the bad weather around the car inspection. It looks like there'll be no break here in the rain today.

  2. Ah, good--having just read Ken's post, I was hoping for an update... and, here it is!

  3. Got to go watch France v. Morocco on the Coupe de Monde! Allez les bleus!

  4. I can feel the damp in the photo.

  5. mitch, it actually turned out ok. All we had was fog and drizzle.

    judy, :)

    mary, I didn't watch... not really a big football fan, but glad France won!

    michael, we can't go outside without coming back with wet shoes and pant legs.


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