Monday, December 26, 2022

The morning after

Another year gone by. Well, almost. One week to go. The Brits call today "Boxing Day." You can imagine all the visions that conjures in my head. None of them are of sugar plums. As far as I'm concerned, the day after Christmas should be called "Leftovers Day." Our Christmas Day dinner was a success. It was a lot of work, especially for chief cook and bottle washer Ken. And I helped (Americans of a certain age might remember that line from a tv advert). As we sat down to eat, Ken declared that it was easier than he expected. Here's his post about the meal.

Big chunks of ham in a parsley-studded gelatin. Taken with the Pixel 6.

For our appetizer, we had some jambon persillé from a local charcutier a few towns up river. He's a fixture at Saint-Aignan's Saturday market and has a good reputation around here. The ham was accompanied with crusty bread and sweet/sour pickles. A treat! I'm looking foward to leftovers.


  1. We had leftovers, too. And ah hailpt, too.

  2. I don't want to eat anything for a week, I've had enough.

  3. "Shake n Bake... and I helped" (with a southern drawl... and that was the only time I ever heard a southern drawl until I moved from NJ LOL).
    Beautiful plate!

  4. The year that ad came out there was a new boy in my North Jersey school from Oklahoma. Because of his accent everyone called him Shake 'n Bake. Mercifully he had a good sense of humor. And I agree with Judith - beautiful plate.

  5. mitch, it took me about a minute... but I got there.

    michael, I should probably do the same... but I won't.

    judy, ha!

    anon, you'd have to be a good sport to take that in school!


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