Sunday, December 18, 2022

Wintry blast from the past

I think this was taken in spring 1988 by our friend Sue. She, her daughter, her cousin (and our friend), her cousin's husband, and Ken and me went up to Yosemite for a night or two. We rented cabins toward the western end of the valley. The first night, a mid-April storm unexpectedly (at least to us) brought snow. A lot of it. There was not much to do the following morning except to walk around and take in the beauty.

L to R: Sue's daughter Rachel, me, Ken. April 1988. No hats; we weren't prepared for snow. Digitzed color photograph by Sue.

Sue and I, the two photographers in the group (at that time), ventured out at first light to ooh and ahh and snap wintry pictures. Later, as the roads and paths got cleared and the snow started to melt, we all went out for a walk from the cabins over to the Ahwahnee hotel and back. Our friend Cheryl tried to be a good sport, but she really did not like the cold and snow.

We all planned to have dinner in a big cafeteria-style place where the cabins were and watch the Academy Awards on the television in the dining room. Our friend Cheryl was really looking forward to that. However, the snowstorm blocked the signal. No awards show. Cheryl was not a happy camper, as it were.


  1. Sounds like an adventure to me... or at least memorable (obviously). Your poor cold feet.

  2. A beautiful late season snowfall.

  3. The snow was a pleasant surprise, but missing the Academy Awards was a bummer for Cheryl. I had a friend like that too- she loved the movies. I miss her.

  4. mitch, yes, sneakers. We really weren't expecting snow.

    bettyann, :)

    evelyn, I think the promise of the awards show is the only reason she agreed to come. She was really bummed!

    judy, she was never the "outdoorsy" type. "Roughing it" for her was a hotel without room service. LOL!


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