Saturday, December 31, 2022

Weather watcher

On rainy days, Tasha doesn't get to go outside much. Just two short walks and a couple of quick sorties during the day. She does have a good view to the outdoors from this spot at the deck doors. From there she can see people and cars going by and birds visiting the feeders out front. Barking is involved.

The deck is slick with rain and, while you can't see it, the wind is gusting mightily. Taken with the Pixel 6.

This is the last day for the holiday tree this season. It all gets put away tomorrow. Tasha's brushed by it a little too closely a time or two, but with no damage. Bert is not interested in the least. Thank goodness.


  1. It was well grotty yesterday and so far, today looks grim too!!
    Meilleurs vœux, bonne année et bonne santé... Surtout une bonne santé..... to you and Ken for 2023

  2. Such a beautiful setting inside and out.

  3. Lovely picture of your living room: heartwarming! Happy New Year!

  4. Your home is beautiful.

  5. I'm ready for a new year. I haven't had to say that before, but I will be looking forward to many striking photos in your blog, appetizing pastries, details of your marché finds and life around the vineyard (and, I hope, a bountiful garden!).

  6. Bert is plotting up to no good that's certain.

  7. tim, same to you both!~

    jan, thanks! You too!

    judy, :)

    bettyann, thanks!

    mary, we'll see what the new year brings!

    michael, could be...


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