Thursday, December 29, 2022

Painting the house

In French, un(e) peintre is someone who paints. Like buildings, walls, fences, rooms, stuff like that. Someone who paints art is called un(e) artiste peintre. That's what my friend L. is. She painted this portrait of our house back in 2018. She's never been here, though. She painted it entirely from photos that I posted on the blog. Such talent!

Our house. The painting hangs in our guest room. Taken with the Pixel 6.

The wind gusted a lot over night and it's expected to get a little stronger as we move into the weekend. Yuck. I'm planning to go to the market on Saturday to pick up some things for our NYE meal of shellfish. We used to have oysters, but we're kind of off them these days. Gambas (prawns), coquilles St-Jaques (scallops), and maybe a langouste (spiny lobster) or langoustines (scampi, Norway lobsters, or Dublin Bay prawns) may show up on our plates.


  1. A charming painting. What a special gift.

  2. Love that image of the week. I am always fascinated by photos of the spiraling of a staircase.

  3. How delightful to have a portrait of your own home! Your friend L has managed to infuse this painting with a lot of happiness. The sky and trees have a very similar quality to David Hockney's recent "A Year in Normandie" currently on exhibit in Bayeux.

  4. Oh! To have good seafood nearby! I doubt I could ever grow wary of it.
    You two are quite fortunate to have a house you love.

  5. Love this painting, especially the birch trees and the view with the hedge.

  6. There are so many nice aspects of this painting. I'm transfixed by the black and white trees, and the clouds, especially.
    Looking forward to photos of the NYEve feast!

  7. mitch, indeed!

    woody, it was taken inside the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Glad you enjoyed it!

    kiwi, cool!

    michael, the fishmonger at our Saturday market is located on the Atlantic coast. They (the man and woman who run it) drive in with their products on Friday (for another nearby market) and Saturday for the market here at Saint-Aignan.

    evleyn, :)

    judy, we'll try to get some good ones, although "feast" might not be the right word. LOL!


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