Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Oh, deer

Reindeer, that is. I thought these two looked nice together, like an adult and a fawn, although not many fawns have antlers. I left the silver buck in the box this year. The third figure in the background is a dog, not a deer.

This is all the mantle space our fireplace has. Taken with the Pixel 6.

The weather really warmed up yesterday. A chill remained in the air, however, so I had a fire going most of the day. But this morning we woke up to over 9ºC and it should get warmer as the day goes on. And we're expecting rain this afternoon and evening.


  1. A heartwarming (hearthwarming) photo. Even if the dog isn’t a deer, it’s a dear dog.

  2. I love your holiday decorations. I am still putting ornaments on the tree, I've collected so many over the years.

  3. The candle glow on the fireplace and the critters is very Christmassy.

  4. Nice arrangement for the season!

  5. mitch, he and the tiny reindeer stay out all year long.

    evleyn, it's the nature of ornaments!

    bettyann, winter is the time for candles!

    mary, :)

    anon, I'll let him know he has a secret admirer!


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