Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Wash, rinse, repeat

It's too cold (for me) to do much of anything outdoors. Chopping wood and lugging it indoors is about it. And indoors, after getting Tasha and Bert their breakfast, I'm not motivated to do much except mess with photos and do a blog post, read the news and some other blogs, and deal with the daily fire. I empty the ashes and sweep up the mess, then build a new fire and get it going and sweep up again after that. The fire has to be tended through the day or it will go out. I take Tasha out for her morning or evening walk, depending on the day, not to mention her 10h30 outing to pee, after which both animules get treats, followed eventually by Tasha's lunch. Dishes get done and our lunch gets made, but Ken does most of that.

I'm sure these leaves have fallen by now. Taken with the Canon 6D.

I balanced the checkbook last week. On Thursday, I made an apple pie. I went to the market on Saturday. I took out the trash yesterday. Soon, the recycling will have to be taken to the recycle bins down the road. I washed the bathroom floor the other day. There's always some cleaning chore to be done somewhere. As with yard work, housework is subject to the "one thing a day" rule (if you do at least one thing a day, you've done enough). Tomorrow we're taking the Citroën in for its biennial inspection. I will follow Ken over in the Peugeot so he doesn't have to wait at the garage. Then we'll go pick it up when it's done. Tasha will enjoy the ride in the car.

Retirement is 24/7. Is it time for my nap?


  1. I've been awfully social lately and the one and only household chore I’ve managed is to get the dishes done at some point during the day. I’m not a lumberjack...

  2. A family member remarked that the worst part of retirement was he never took a day off.

  3. We all have our things we do from day to day. Most are flexible and can wait but some can't. Those who are not retired are quick to judge my routine and have all sorts of suggestions of how to manage MY time. I recently remarked to one know it all who had worn out her welcome "Say, don't you have something you should be doing besides pestering me?". She was gone in about 3 minutes and took the pie she had brought with her as she went out the door. Her reason for taking the pie back was that I had too many baked goods already in the house, She had not stopped to think that maybe I had been doing my holiday gift giving baking and that one of the Dresden Stollens was earmarked for her. Oh well! I'll wrapped it in freezer paper and put it into the freezer and eat it myself in January. It has been in the mid 30's at night and mid 40's during the day. The town is now 20 thousand occupants lighter because students left to go home for the holidays. The town is so peaceful when students are away. Us townies can now find parking spaces in front of the businesses we like to shop in. Be safe. Be careful. Be happy! Oh, and Walt take that nap, you earned it. That is also a nice photo of moss on the tree.

  4. Those leaves are a Wild Service Tree (Sorbus torminalis) and its fruit is edible when over-ripe.... they taste of dates.
    They were also used to make an alcoholic drink.
    And isn't retirement wonderful.....

  5. Retirement is not for the weak or feeble, is it? I try to do one thing a day too.

  6. Such a funny post! I say kind of the same thing: if I wash the dog and make us tuna sandwiches, that's it for the day!

  7. You wonder how you were able to do all those things when you were working and now that you are retired you can’t find time for anything!

  8. mitch, but you're still o.k. :)

    travel, ain't it the truth!

    woody, some people are quick to judge.

    tim, I'm enjoying it so far! Thanks for the ID.

    bettyann, certainly not!

    kiwi, washing the dog is no small task!

    chm, yet, I can still find the time to do nothing! LOL

  9. the chopping wood part sounds good exercise, yes?


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