Saturday, December 10, 2022

Funky feline fotos: Cat napping

Look closely. There's a cat stretched out on the log carrier. Bert likes to sleep near the fire. Sometimes, if there are no logs in the way, he gets into the fireplace and lies down next to the hot stove. When he does that, however, it's not for very long.

Bert blends in with the decor. The fireplace is always a mess this time of year.

It's cold outside, a couple of degrees below zero this morning. The central heating does a good job of keeping us warm as the day begins. Then I build a fire in the wood stove. The central heating goes off after a while and the living/dining room stays comfortably warm. The other rooms in the house cool off, but that's okay with us.


  1. Lovely sight. My own threesome too in the current freeze gravitate to the heater/radiator environs, though I'm sure that a real fire must provide a more 'authentic' atmosphere for them.

  2. love this pic of Mr B....kitties love to be toasty...our female cat sits on the floor vent or right up to and almost in the gas logs and she spends the majority of the day sleeping on the cable box

  3. I wouldn't have seen Bert if you hadn't mentioned him. Glad you are staying warm.

  4. Hi there, Bert!
    I love your woodburner-in-fireplace setup. We intended to do that, but then realized there wasn't enough room inside our fireplace. So, we put the wood burner out in front of the fireplace... then realized that we couldn't get quite enough of an angle on the stove pipes, to head up through the chimney. My husband finally figured it all out. It looks a little awkward, but I love having a real wood burner, instead of the gas logs we had, that didn't put out much of any heat at all (in our case).

  5. Your fire is spendid. Bert's coat is so healthy and shiny at his age. It's nice that he gets along well with Tasha and can be in the main rooms with you in winter as he gets older.

  6. Bert is actually a tabby. Oh that soot. I’m always amazed at how close the cats will stay near heat sources.

  7. travel, he's getting old and spends more time napping than he used to.

    melinda, Bert loves fleece blankets. He has several. LOL

    evelyn, it's not really that cold, but we're not used to it.

    judy, ours, you might remember, is in the corner of the LR, not the best spot for heating that big room. But it does okay. I'm glad we don't have to rely on it. Yet.

    kiwi, yes, that's a good thing. He used to have to spend winter nights down in the unheated utility room. But no more!

    mitch, I worry that he'll roast himself.

  8. Oh what a happy cat! It's a warm sight indeed to see cat and fire.


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