Thursday, December 15, 2022


Some years ago, I propagated a hydrangea by rooting cuttings I took from the plant that had been here since before we bought the house. When they were ready, I planted them against the wall on the eastern side just next to the driveway, three on either side of the garage door. Since then, three of the plants have died, but the ones between the garage and the front entry are still doing well. I took this photo a few weeks ago when there was still come color in the flower heads. Now they're all brown and soon I will trim them back.

Hydrangea. Taken with the Canon 6D.

This morning I'm heading out to the grocery store for a few things. I'm hopeful that I'm still ahead of the holiday rush. We'll see. And today's the day I will drag the (real fake) tree out of storage and set it up in the living room. There is no guarantee that it will get decorated today, but at least it will be ready.


  1. I’m hoping to drag the Christmas tubs out of the closet this afternoon. I’ve been planning that for more than a week. I love hydrangeas.

  2. Our tree is up but all the decorations aren't on it yet.

  3. I love hydrangeas but it’s too hot for them here. My tree is up and decorated. Some of my neighbors had all their inside and outside decorations up and lights on before Thanksgiving!

  4. mitch, I got the tubs out yesterday. Everything is still inside.

    evelyn, it takes longer every year.

    bettyann, I like to wait until mid-december, then take everything down on new year's day.


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