Sunday, December 11, 2022

Still messin'

I'm still playing around with the new phone's camera, trying to get a feel for how it works. I find myself pushing the wrong buttons at the wrong time and I have a lot of unusable shots. Unless you want to see my feet and the floor. I haven't even tried to take it outdoors yet. And I still haven't chosen a phone plan. All in good time. Here are some photos of yet another apple tart.

A blind-baked crust, home-made applesauce, a few fresh apples, and some apricot jam for glaze.

Saturday's trip to the market in Saint-Aignan was a success. I was there early enough that there was virtually no waiting and ordering the holiday turkey was easy. We're set to pick up the bird on Christmas Eve. And the fish monger had coques (cockles) this week. They were big (as cockles go) and beautiful and we had another lunch of linguini with white clam sauce. It's a nice tradition for a change of meal or two between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The finished tart, ready to serve.

We're down below freezing again this morning. Our outdoor thermometer read -4.1ºC (about 25ºF) when I got up. The grass is frosty (from what I can tell -- it's still dark). The weather wizards see continuing cold and precipitation in the forecast for the coming week. All the ingredients for a "wintry mix." Ho, ho, ho!


  1. The tart looks wonderful. The good thing about these new cameras is that our mistakes don't cost money - no film to develop. Just his that little delete icon. Sweet! Mike PS I love your photos of Tasha. She looks so like my guy Storm.

  2. Beautiful tarte, beautiful display plate.
    I love my phone's camera. I have an Apple phone, so I don't know the quality of android phones, but my phone takes gorgeous quality photos. You do so much with your photos, after the fact, and with settings and things like that... I don't know about how that all works or is needed with a phone's camera, but I am amazed at the quality.

  3. I'm sure all your readers will agree that we can wait for your learning curve on your new phone/camera! I have to be in accord with Judith as I merely snap, look at the results and then either erase and repeat, or move on! And like Mike says, since we no longer pay for bad photos, film, etc., it is all good! Perhaps your interest in architecture and city planning have had a major impact on your tarts! Those apples are in perfect harmony - but when can we have a taste?

  4. Such a beauty! You always do things well.

  5. mitch, it's hard not to make a tasty apple pie.

    mike, digital photography change everything!

    judy, the phones seem to have good software for producing jpegs, so not much, if anything, needs to be done to them. I'm still doing some tweaking, though.

    mary, when I take pictures with the DSLR, I have them saved in RAW mode, which means I have to "develop" them with software (Adobe Lightroom is what I use). The phone does all that work itself and produces pretty good JPEGs.

    michael, some things...

    1. mike, I mean "changed."

      mary, BTW, the DSLR does the same thing if you want it to. It will even save photos in both RAW and processed JPEG at the same time.

  6. You’re an artist in addition to be a top pastry chef.
    I surmise the phone is not an iPhone.


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