Sunday, December 04, 2022

Fall's last stand

Golden and yellow leaves are falling fast from the poplars and other trees around the area in what is likely to be the last of the autumn color show. This was the view out of the den window just a few days ago. Our maple trees out front are completely bare now as are the grape vines out back. It won't be long before the poplars are, too.

Golden leaves carpet the spot along our fence where dead hazelnut trees were removed.

Today is Sunday, so it's a hunt day. With the still diminishing daylight hours, we have to be careful to get back home before the hunters arrive at 09h00. The sun rises this morning at 08h24. Yesterday I noticed some interesting activity out in the vineyard: two men released a pair of pheasants. They had more in the back of their vehicle, presumably to release them in other spots farther out.

We've been told over the years that pheasants are farm-raised and released into the wild for hunting season. We've seen a pheasant farm not far away, up on the banks of the Loire. This is the first time since we've lived here that I've actually seen the birds being released. I suppose the practice is meant to ensure that the wild populations are not wiped out by hunting.


  1. The photo looks like a Seurat. painting.

  2. Beautiful colors. Is it likely that these farm raised pheasants will be killed by hunters? I’m guessing they might not be afraid of people.

  3. how funny to see 'gold' this time of year. I liked them though.

  4. mitch, :)

    jan, thanks!

    bettyann, I'm sure the hunters get them. Tasha, and Callie before her, loves to flush them out. The male flies off loudly in one direction while the female quietly runs away in the other.

    michael, our winters aren't harsh, autumn lasts a while. :)


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