Friday, December 02, 2022

Wednesday's pizza

This is the second of the two pizzas I made for lunch on Wednesday. The crust is home-made using a recipe that I've modified over the years. It takes three to four hours of rising, so it can be made in the morning and be ready for lunch.

Pizza #1 had a thinner crust but was just as delicious.

The toppings are: a light tomato sauce (made from home-grown tomatoes and oregano), sliced pancetta, sliced button mushrooms, sheeps' cheese (Ossau-Iraty from the Basque region), and some black Greek-style olives. We gobbled down both pies with our last bottle of this year's Beaujolais nouveau. After, we had a salad of escarole with a thousand island-style dressing.

I was more or less successful in my search for coques (cockles) yesterday. Details tomorrow.


  1. Your pizzas always look great.
    I'm glad to hear about the almost success of the cockle searching... looking forward to the rest of the story.

  2. Your tomato sauce sounds perfect and very simple. That pizza is perfect!

  3. mitch, it looked better in real life.

    judy, you got it!

    evelyn, I like to make sauce for the freezer with very few additives. That way, it can be fixed up for any use.

    mary, :)

  4. Oh but you do make the best pizza!


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