Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Late December sunrise

This was yesterday's sunrise as seen from our deck. There was a lot of fog nestled in the low places around us. I noticed on one of the weather sites I look at that we are gaining one minute of daylight today. Yippee!

The countdown to springtime has begun! Taken with the Pixel 6.

While I was out yesterday, I saw that one of the telephone poles that bring the wires up the hill to our hamlet is on the ground. The wires are pinned beneath it. We've noticed no interruption in phone/DSL service, though. I imagine the mayor, who lives around the corner from us, has contacted the appropriate people to get it fixed.


  1. Good to know France has stretchy phone wires.

  2. I hope you’ve got big plans for their extra minute of sunshine.

  3. A sunrise like that is worth getting up early enough to see. Splendid photo.

  4. Sure is a Wonderful World.

  5. Beautiful.

  6. Beautiful sunrise! I feel the extra daylight around January 10th- it lifts my spirits.

  7. Gorgeous photo

  8. andrew, thank goodness!

    mitch, nah. Can't even notice them yet.

    kiwi, fortunately, we're both early birds.

    potty, :)

    bettyann, :)

    evelyn, it's nice when it's finally noticeable.

    anon, thanks.

  9. You can have all my sunshine; by June I will be longing for December.


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