Monday, December 05, 2022

I couldn't resist

Just one more photo of golden leaves. Yesterday's photo was out the den window, looking northwest over a portion of the west forty. This one looks over the northeast corner of the north forty. The bare tree on the right is an ornamental cherry; it dropped all its leaves several weeks ago.

Looking northeast from the deck. I don't rake up leaves that fall in the yard.

One of the weather sites that I look at each day is predicting our first below-zero temperatures later this week. No precipitation is expected. One of us will have to go out to the Saturday market to place an order for a Christmas turkey. We've decided on turkey this year, if they're available. Bird flu has reduced the poultry supply across the country, so it's probably better to go earlier rather than later.


  1. The ornamental cherry is a work of art when leafless.

  2. The seasons are impressive, aren't they :)

  3. With or without leaves, these trees are beautiful.

  4. Fall is lovely at your place!

  5. mitch, yes!

    judy, yes!

    bettyann, yes!

    evleyn, yes!

    Well, that was easy...

  6. Having that natural distribution of the golden leaves is a work of art in itself. I would hate to destroy it by raking it! heehee.


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