Friday, December 09, 2022

Get smart

I've taken a giant leap into the twenty-first century and am now equipped with a Google Pixel 6 smart phone. The past couple of days have been taken up with getting it set up (not done yet) and learning how to use it. I have yet to buy a phone plan (working on it), but I can do everything else with our wifi internet connection in the house.

Tasha takes a break from watching birds at the feeder to pose for a picture.

One of the selling points for me was the phone's camera. I read many reviews touting the Pixel 6's camera. So here's one of the first photos I took with the phone. Of course, it's Tasha.


  1. A very crisp photo. I think you will be very happy with the photos you take. In my opinion reasonably close photos and photos in low light, phone cameras excel. Not so for long distance without a proper zoom.

  2. Well, how could any photo of Tasha not be beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what you create.

  3. Looks like it works. Lovely picture of Tasha.

  4. You (and us too) are in for a treat with that phone. You will love the navigation features when you travel. Ken will need one soon....

  5. andrew, thanks for the tip! I'll find out...

    mitch, :)

    judy, :)

    bettyann, it probably works very well. I, on the other hand, have a learning curve...

    evelyn, he's enjoying his tablets, but a phone might be the next step!


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