Friday, December 30, 2022

Sail away

I don't remember where Ken found this ceramic dish, but he liked the colors and bought it. We've had it since before we moved to France, so it might have come from a store/boutique in or around San Francisco. I suppose I should ask him. [Asking...] He doesn't remember exactly where, but it was in California. On the underside of the dish is written "Italy." No help.

Candy dish? Ash tray? High school art project? I dunno. Taken with the Pixel 6.

We're expecting light rain most of the day today. I had one outdoor project in my head: getting some kindling from a pile out in the yard into a sheltered place to dry out. I can probably do it in light rain. I'll see.

Today's lunch plan is for an Asian style stir-fry with leftover turkey and some snow peas. Potstickers will be involved. Saturday's NYE meal will be shellfish in the French tradition and Sunday's NYD meal will be built around black-eyed peas in the southern American tradition.


  1. I would have bought the plate, too, and I probably wouldn’t remember where.

  2. I like the colours too; it reminds me of my days in Key West.

  3. Looks like a treasure you might find in Sausalito.

  4. mitch, memories are fuzzy in the years before blogs.

    michael, do you ever plan on going back?

    judy, it does brighten up a dark space.

    evelyn, it could conceivably have come from there. ;)

  5. Key West has evolved into something no fun for me anymore. I have my memories; these are enough.


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