Friday, May 26, 2023

I don't give a fig

Well, more like I don't get a fig. Our fig tree has produced more figs this spring than I've ever seen, especially for the spring crop. There's also a summer crop yet to come. The problem is that they're all hard as rocks. I'm hoping that they'll ripen and that we will be able to enjoy some before the birds and insects get them. I should do some research to see if they will ripen off the tree. If so, I could harvest some now.

Figs on our tree. There are a lot more than you can see here.

I think that huge vineyard parcel out back that was prepared for replanting over the past two years is getting its new vines soon. There's activity out there this morning and, a couple of weeks ago, one row of vines was planted. I don't know why only one row went in. Ah, the mysteries of wine making. I'll get a closer view when I take the morning walk with Tasha.


  1. Oh, I hope your fig tree serves you well. A few minutes walk from us is a fig orchard. Very old trees filled with fruit every year.

  2. Could you tie cheesecloth or something similar around some of the figs? I’ve seen that done with other fruits here, especially mangoes, to protect them while they ripen. Your tree looks very healthy.

  3. mitch, we both like figs and they freeze well. I'd really like that tree to produce usable figs.

    bettyann, that's certainly a possibility.

  4. Hi Walt, I follow your, and Ken’s, blogs and am motivated to comment on your figs! I too have a fig tree and this spring there must be a record 50 figs. My experience is that they will start to ripen next month and will stay on the tree until then. I haven’t had any probs with birds or insects - maybe just lucky. My advice to you, leave them, I don’t think they’ll ripen off the tree. Good luck.

  5. jane, thanks for the advice!

  6. don't they need wasps to make figs?


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