Thursday, February 01, 2024

A close up

This is the bell tower of the church of Saint-André-et-Saint-Trophime in central Lourmarin. I can't find much about it on line. One site I looked at said that the building's history is mal connue (not well known). Interestingly, the belfry is not made from wrought iron as many belfries in this area are, but from a more traditional masonry. The blue-green color suggests to me that it's sheathed in copper.

Saint-André-et-Saint-Trophime, Lourmarin. Digitized color slide, September 2001.

Tomorrow is la fête de la Chandeleur (Candlemas) and the tradition in France is to eat crêpes on that day. We're planning, as usual, savory buckwheat crêpes for lunch, garnished with ham and cheese, and sweet dessert crêpes for after. Yum!


  1. Maybe we should go to one of our nearby favorite restaurants for desert crepes tomorrow.

    It’s interesting that so little is available online about the church and tower. You might have to take a trip back to find out more... for us.

  2. This post makes me hungry for crepes!


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