Saturday, February 24, 2024

Even more ochre

A parting shot from Roussillon, the village of ochre. Wikipedia says ochre is spelled "ocher" in American English. And so does Blogger's spell checker. I'll buck authority and continue to spell it ochre. And, just for fun, it's spelled ocre in French.

Clay rooftops and ochre-colored walls in Rousillon. Digitized color slide, September 2001.

We're in a pattern of weather right now that's commonly called les giboulées de mars (March showers), even though it's still February. April showers come in March in France. And it's cold outside; 3.2ºC (about 38ºF) outside when I got up this morning. Tasha and I will venture out once it gets light.


  1. Such a rich color. It’s ocre in Spanish, too. And I also insist on spelling it ochre.

  2. It’s ochre for me too. Beautiful shot.

  3. D'accord c'est ochre. Stay warm.

  4. They call it "okergeel" in Holland; that's "Ochre Yellow", and it's a warm and beautiful colour! Thanks again for your gorgeous pictures, Walt!

  5. Ditto, ochre.


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