Monday, February 26, 2024

Here we go again

So far, I haven't been able to identify the slides I'm scanning now. They are, for sure, part of the 2001 Provence trip, but I'm not sure which part of the trip. There are clues here and there and I'll try to pull it all together. Eventually. For now, I'm pretty sure that this is a view of the Alpilles mountain range seen from Les-Baux-de-Provence, a hilltop village built below the ruins of a medieval château.

Olive orchards proliferate in the lowlands just south of les Alpilles. View from Les-Baux-de-Provence. Digitized color slide, September 2001.

Les Baux is a big tourist draw and it can be very crowded, depending on the time of year that you visit. Cars are not allowed in the village itself. There are numerous parking lots down around the base of the hill. Bus after bus deliver visitors to the foot of the village to climb the one main street up to the castle at the top. Along the way are hotels, cafés, restaurants, galleries, and shops, not to mention view spots, all catering to the tourist trade. According to Wikpedia, the town's permanent population is fewer than three hundred people.

Don't get me wrong. The place is definitely worth seeing. But if you're averse to crowds, it's best to avoid the peak summer season.


  1. What a grand view. There are so many place best to be avoided in tourist season.

  2. Looks quite arid, perfect for growing olives. Have you been to Conques? I was there off season and it was empty and beautiful.

  3. I was lucky to have been in Provence a month during the Christmas season. We saw a live crêche enacted in Les Baux with live animals and people! No tour buses and we were able to park up close to the entrance, but then, we were not allowed or able to walk up to the médiéval fortress because it was encased in ice. The views were of a different direction showing us many houses and properties. We had glorious sunshine even though it was chilly. I've since found a video of a fashion show that had been produced in the fortress so now I hope to return someday to visit that, too.

  4. One of the family projects is to go through father's dozens of dozens of carousels of slides and try to figure out what they are/were


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