Sunday, February 25, 2024

The rental house

I have some photos of the gîte (vacation rental) we stayed in back in September of 2001. They're scattered among the other slides that I still have to scan, so the ones I post won't be all together. The house was a longère, a long, often one room deep, building that faces south, with the north side pierced (if at all) with a few very small windows. They were built that way to maximize exposure to the sun and/or, especially in Provence, to turn their backs on the harsh Mistral winds.

The living room in our gîte near Cavaillon. Digitized color slide, September 2001.

The Mistral was blowing while we were there. I was afraid to barbaque for fear of the wind blowing embers into the field of dry grass in front of the house and starting a fire. That would not have been good. But our laundry did dry rather quickly, even if we had to chase after the stray sock or pair of underwear that blew off the line and took flight. As fellow blogger Dr. Spo would say, oh the embarrassment!


  1. Ooh, that place would make me want to settle in for a good long stay. I’ve been embarrassed by stray underwear myself.

  2. I have rented a Gite near Avignon for a week in May.

  3. What a beautiful room! Looking forward to seeing more of this gite.

  4. Now that is a fireplace surround that I would dearly love to look at every day! More photos of this gite - please! and Thank you!

  5. Oh - Mary in Oregon!

  6. it is a lovely place, une bonne maison if I get this right. (still doing the French lessons)
    Thank you for the shot out.

  7. mitch, it was a big place for three people, but we were quite comfortable, flying underwear notwithstanding.

    travel, cool! This place is not far from Avignon.

    bettyann, the other photos will come along as I get them scanned.

    judy, this is where we were on 9/11.

    mary, they're on the way!

    michael, right! Another way to say it is "une belle maison."


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