Friday, February 16, 2024


After the top of the tree was cleared away, it was time to fell the bottom two-thirds of the trunk. It was done in much the same way as the top, with a rope attached to the upper part so the ground crew could be sure the tree fell where they wanted it to, and a wedge removed at the base by the lumberjack. When the trunk hit the ground, I felt the house shake.

The stump will stay in the ground until it rots. I can't imagine what it would take to dig it out.

The crew got to work cutting the trunk into "small" chunks, which they later chopped into even smaller chunks. Those they loaded into a truck and took away. It took several trips to clear it all. I kept two of the sections to use as chopping blocks for cutting up firewood.


  1. That was one enormous tree. To think that’s maybe 2/3 of it. A great photo to give a sense of the dimensions with the guy with saw near the base.

  2. So large! I bet the wood smelled good.

  3. I too was comparing the height of the guy with the diameter of the tree. Gigantic tree!

  4. Just an estimation based upon quotes some of my neighbors have related, but here it could have cost $2500 + for a job like that.

  5. Wondering why you didn't keep the tree to use as firewood next year? probably would have offset the cost of the felling!


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