Thursday, February 22, 2024

In other words

I remember a shop in Rousillon called Ocrement dit. It's a play on words that sounds similar to the phrase autrement dit which can be translated to "in other words" in English. I looked on the internet to see if the shop is still there and. yes, there's a ceramics shop named Ocrement Dit in Rousillon, but I don't know if it's the place we saw twenty three years ago. Let's pretend that it is.

Ochre in its natural habitat. Digitized color slide, Rousillon, Septmeber 2001.

The rain and wind blew in yesterday evening and it's been going through the night. The weather people say the worst of it is coming through today. I was industrious before the storm came and gathered wood for kindling before it rained.


  1. Yes, let's pretend it's still there. I hope the wind dies down soon.

  2. I’ve never seen ochre when it was ‘at home’. Thank you!

  3. I see a face in the cliff with it's mouth going "Ooooouh"!!! Maybe that's just the ochre talking !

  4. mitch, it's even more striking in person!

    judy, hehe, we chuckled for a few days.

    evelyn, finally the wind calmed over night. Phew!

    bettyann, "in the wild," haha!

    mary, good eye! I can see it now, too.

    1. I saw it immediately and figured that is why you took that photo!


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