Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A lot of rain - A Pic a Day in May #1

Tuesday was a very rainy day. It pretty much rained the whole day with a break here and there, but mostly there. I went out to do a few errands. First up, the bank in Montrichard. I had a check to deposit and a question to ask. All went well, except that the answer to my question about doing certain banking things online, although happily provided in the bank, did not prove correct when I got home.

This tiny flowering plant is growing in the hollow spot of a grapevine trunk. So cool.

Then I went to a grocery store for a few items and stopped at a garden shop on the way home for some bamboo stakes for the sweet peas. Now I'm wondering if they're tall enough. Oh well, I can work it out.


  1. Beautiful shot!
    Happy May 1st!

  2. my fleur de lis have not even bloomed for may day yet. quelle dommage! :(

  3. Online transactions are wonderful when they go smoothly. I'm just relieved when the difficulties happen it is when the business is open so I can call and get it straightened out (although there is a large amount of time to confirm the security questions).
    I now have a good friend with a lot of bamboo growing in her yard, so when I need stakes I now know where to go. Have you thought about planting (in a metal pot, of course, to control it!)some bamboo so you will always have tall stakes available?
    Nice, sharp photo of the intricate whorls on this grape vine trunk, Walt.

  4. Why do you need bamboo stakes for your peas? Can't you just put them on a plate with the other veggies?

  5. indeed, that is one of your best photos!


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