Saturday, May 04, 2013

A radical hedgectomy - A Pic a Day in May #4

We're making radical changes in parts of the hedge around our yard. Specifically, the parts of the hedge that don't separate us from the road are being cut down dramatically. They've just gotten way too big to deal with. You can get a flavor of what's happening from this photo:

Our back garden gate. The garden shed is now more exposed inside the lowered hedge.

The hedge section to the right of the back gate is not being cut down, but you can see how the section to the left is now much, much shorter. This section is between our back yard and the vineyard. What was once a dark spot in the yard will now get a lot more light. And I should be able to manage the hedge much better (and without a ladder) once it starts growing back.

The depth of the hedge has also been reduced, but it was cut back on the yard side only; keeping its outside leaves will help it to live and grow (although I understand these things are pretty hardy and difficult to kill). It'll take a year or two for the pruned side of the hedge to fill back in with new growth.


  1. " May the 4th be with you!" **GROAN**

  2. I think you are going to be so glad you had a hedgectomy. It will make the whole task of managing the thing seem less overwhelming, and now you've established a relationship with the garden maintenance guys, you know you can call them in at any time.

  3. So nice to get things cleaned up, I'm sure. And maintenance will be a lot easier. Great job!

  4. Is that covered by CPAM? It'll be nice to get back your view of the vineyard.

  5. I do remember the big trip! And all of your interesting posts until you surprised us with the big news!

  6. It is going to be your one year anniversary pretty soon! Time flies!
    The hedge looks great and I see that your temps are pretty decent too. 18C and clear at 4 pm. Nice!

  7. starman, lol

    susan, we're very happy with it so far.

    mitch, it's like the yard is getting aired out, freshened up.

    craig, oh, how I wish it were! We're actually not getting the view back, as the hedges were already high when we moved here ten years ago!

    judy, we had such a good time on that trip. It was only the second time we traveled back to the US together in ten years.

    nadege, yup! And the following month, our 30 year anniversary of living together.


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