Friday, May 03, 2013

The wrong lilacs - A Pic a Day in May #3

When I bought this lilac six or seven years ago, I didn't realize that it was a variety that bloomed every other year. I didn't even know there was a variety that only bloomed every other year. But as is my luck, if there is such a thing, that is surely the one I will end up with.

Our lilac in flower. So pretty!

This year is a blooming year for ours, which is great. Every other lilac tree in our neighborhood blooms every year. In the off years when ours is not in flower, I'm jealous. Oh well. I may have to break down and get another one. One that blooms every year, of course.


  1. Since this one is blooming in odd years, why don't you buy one that blooms in even years and plant it right next to the first one. Like that you'll have the impression your lilac is blooming every year! QED

  2. I was going to suggest that...
    but even more interesting would be to get an even flowering lilac as chm suggests...
    but a very different colour...
    and plant it with the current one....
    that would really confuse the neighbours...
    a lilac that changes colour each year...
    but not a white one, they look terrible when the flowers go over!!

  3. Perhaps that explains why one of the lilacs which the landscaper from hell planted didn't flower last year while three others did. I think I see blooms coming on it this year. I'd forgotten about the every other year variety - thanks for reminding me! I love lilac.

  4. I have never heard of a bi-annual bloomer - Oh well. Take care, Diane

  5. Do you remember the name of this silly lilac? It still looks gorgeous.

  6. Why not ask one of the neighbors for a cutting from their tree (bush?) to plant?

  7. Walt,

    This is news to me too. I don't have a lilac bush but plan to get one. I'll make sure to get one that blooms every year. What's with the every other year?

    Retired in Delaware

  8. blasted biennials ! worse than triffids sometimes.


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