Monday, May 06, 2013

Strawberry-rhubarb tart - A Pic a Day in May #6

On Saturday morning I went to the outdoor market in Saint-Aignan for some asparagus and strawberries. We are in the middle of our local white asparagus season and they are good! But the local strawberries are also good and I cannot help myself when it comes to strawberries.

I love strawberries and I love rhubarb. Our local produce is fantastic. Another reason why I love living here.

I picked a whole bunch more rhubarb from our garden and made a pie. This time I cooked the rhubarb pie before I added the strawberries (last time I cooked the berries into the pie). They went on fresh and were glazed with some rhubarb jam that we made last year. I also froze a bag full of rhubarb for later. And there is still more coming out of the garden. Yum.

A note: Ken and I did not plan to post similar photos today. Sometimes it just works out that way!


  1. Does both of you posting pix of the same Strawberry and Rhubarb Tart matter?
    Yes, it does....
    now I am twice as hungry....
    can one of you do a quick extra post today, with a picture of some cream, please?!
    Then I can have a virtual portion with the virtual pie...
    It looks yumm!!!

  2. (waits by the internet for a slice)

    looks dee-lish!

  3. I love the repeated theme and the different visual interpretations of delicious.

  4. Clearly, you were both deeply touched by the strawberry-rhubard tarte. :)

  5. That pie is a work of art, but that would not have stopped me from having a slice or three.

  6. You and Ken are amazing,and you cook such fabulous foods ... :-) seeing that there is only the two of you ,,, you are always cooking .. looks delicious !

  7. Love the pic, and I'm sure the tart was delicious!

  8. I honestly don't know if I've ever had rhubarb in any form. Maybe I should find some and try it. Yes?

  9. Yes, Starman, you should try rhubarb and when it is with strawberries (and sugar, of course) it is devine!

    Two photos of this delight is just killing me...... why aren't these computers sending that taste or smell along with these fabulous dishes you guys create???

  10. tim, sorry, we didn't eat it with cream this time!

    anne marie, if only!

    jean, it was good...

    mitch, I nearly posted the same "top" view, but am glad I went with the "side" view instead.

    judy, it was darned tasty.

    virginiac, we still have one slice left.

    anne, cooking (and eating) are like a hobby. It's fun!

    gaynor, it was!

    starman, it's very tart so it needs sugar. I don't think it grows in the south...

    mary, I'm sure they're working on that somewhere in the world.


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