Monday, May 13, 2013

Airing our clean laundry - A Pic a Day in May #13

We wouldn't want to air our dirty laundry, now, would we? I thought the clothes drying on the line looked nice when Callie and I got back from our morning walk. So, why not take a picture?

I thought our clothes (and a rug) looked nice against the green background.

We had a long walk on Sunday morning. The sun was out and the grass was dry, so we walked around and around. Callie had a good time making her way ahead of me then realizing that I was not following exactly where she wanted to go. She always comes along wherever I am. Good dog.


  1. You're right, the reds show up well against the green background. I see 3 socks and assume your washing machine has a good appetite.

  2. There is something charming about "clothes-on-the-line" photos. And your colors are so beautifully complementary. Love that scarf!

  3. only 3 socks? someone must be cold!

  4. A silly question : do you iron your shirts? (I noticed the 3 socks right away and was thinking that you didn't hang up all your laundry yet. Mitch might be right about the scarf. I thought is was a rug at first)

  5. I love the colors! Also I noticed that you were careful about choosing matching clothespins for each item!
    Missed the missing sock - perhaps because I always have missing socks...

  6. It is a rug, Nadege. And I found the other sock in the laundry hamper, hiding among the light-colored and white clothes.

  7. I didn't notice either of you with three feet.

  8. Yup, it sure does look nice :) (I thought the rug was a scarf, too. And, I didn't even think about the three socks *R*R*).

  9. I would love to air dry my dirty duds - we have no humidity so they would dry quicky - but the HOA forbids clotheslines. skunks !

  10. ellen, ah, three socks. I think Ken cleared up the mystery.

    mitch, it's a kitchen rug... lol

    anne marie, we have others!

    nadege, iron? Moi? No more. And that is indeed a throw rug.

    mary, matching clothespins, yes. It's a little obsessive/compulsive, but what the heck.

    starman, we keep a spare one for emergencies.

    judy, ;)

    michael, cossacks!


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