Friday, May 31, 2013

Periodic Puppy Pics - A Pic a Day in May #31

This is the last day in May. It went by so fast. As far as the weather is concerned, it feels more like the end of March. So here's a photo of Callie at the party we went to on Wednesday. She enjoyed chasing the shadows of insects on the ground and playing with two small children most of the afternoon.

Callie drools with delight as she chases shadows on the ground.

We had a number of strong rain showers on Thursday and the kitchen ceiling is now leaking like a sieve. We have to find a roofer that will actually come over and work on it. We've had three roofers look at it over the past years. One said it was done wrong in the first place, another cleared some debris from the valley where the leak is. The third trimmed some of the tiles (last year) to make the water run faster, but that hasn't fixed the problem. Now he's too busy to come over.

I suspect the tiles need to be removed from along the valley so that the old (and possibly compromised) flashing can be replaced with a new and wider one. Meanwhile, we have to unplug the appliances on that side of the room, cover them with plastic, and watch our kitchen ceiling be slowly destroyed while we try to find another roofer.


  1. Sorry to read this.

    Sometimes builders choose not to take on difficult jobs if there is an easier one to be had.

    Good luck in your search.

  2. Your predicament doesn't speak well of the so-called builders in your area. But I had heard of that before.

  3. callie est une belle chien!

    OMB, that is NOT good news; hope you find a caring and capable roofer soon!

  4. Oh dear, there is never a good time for something like this to happen, but some times are worse than others.
    I think these problems are notoriously difficult to fix and builders shy away from them. I hope you have better luck this time.

  5. I thought Callie trying to round the children up was amusing, but it did reinforce my feeling that hounds are so much less trouble -- any self-respecting hunting dog would have just pointedly ignored the children and got on with snoozing in a corner.

    I think your solution for the roof is probably the way to go. I think roofers get really wary of this sort of job because it is more disruptive and more expensive than the householders are expecting a lot of the time.

  6. Loved watching Callie and the 2 yr old trying to decide who was herding who :-)

    Seriously keeping my fingers crossed that you find a roofer soon to tackle the problem.

  7. So sorry to hear about the roof problem. I hope the weather clears soon so that a good roofer will be able to take care of the problem once and for all.

  8. Callie is just so so sweet. :)
    I just read about the continued roof issue on Ken's blog... so sorry.

  9. How terrific that Callie got to enjoy a change of pace by attending the party as well. She looks like such a sweetheart!

    Roofing problems never show up until there is a heavy's Murphy's Law.
    Contractors are hard to come by anytime, but roofers MUST be available - here's hoping someone responds in a timely fashion to your requests.

  10. Fantastic picture of our favorite female Bordie.


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