Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Misty morning - A Pic a Day in May #29

As the sun rises, when there are few or no clouds and after a rainy day or night, it warms the air and the humidity begins to evaporate from the ground and plants. The water is transformed into a mist that rises up in the early morning light.

Looking east at sunrise Sunday 26 May 2013. Our house is out of the picture on the left.

This is our road this past Sunday morning. The day turned beautifully sunny, but it wasn't enough to dry us out. Our ground is saturated and there is still a lot of standing water all around, especially in low spots.


  1. Tranquility in a photograph - lovely! Sunny and warm up here Walt so maybe it will spread south.

  2. you can see the sun's rays in the mist!

    your road looks barely big enough for 1 car, let alone 2!

  3. Hooray for Montpellier! I love that city so much....

  4. Televising the first gay marriage should really piss off the protesters in Paris. I hope it doesn't get too bloody!

  5. oh! look at all that humidity!

  6. craig, that would be nice!

    anne marie, we do have to pull over to pass, but the fun comes when there's a tractor!

    evelyn, :)

    starman, I think it went ok.

    michael, amazing, eh?


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