Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dandy no more - A Pic a Day in May #28

There are a lot of spent dandelions all around us now. They bloomed and went to seed and the rains washed a lot of the seeds away before they could be blown away by the wind. So there are a lot of these empty seed heads out there.

It looks as though it should be edible. Maybe it is.

And speaking of rains, we're under the weather again. The system rolled in right on schedule overnight. I'm glad we had the two days of sun; we got a some good things done outside, not the least of which was cutting the grass and running the tiller through the vegetable garden plots (again). They're almost ready for planting. In fact, I did plant one plot with several winter squash varieties (seeds).

One of our neighbors told me she and her husband are sick of their garden and yard this year ("On en a marre," she said). The ground is too wet to work in the flowerbeds and the lawn grows so fast that his lawnmower gets clogged with clumps of wet grass. These are the elderly neighbors that live up in Blois. They have almost ten times the land area that we do; about half is wooded but the rest is grassy. They were here yesterday along with the guy that helps them in the garden, but they're not always here to take advantage of the good days when we have them.


  1. We've had the threat of rain recently, but nothing but sunshine right now. You seem to have experienced a lot of "under the weather" days since I've been following your blog (and that's been quite some time now). Wishing you some sunshine and good gardening soon.

  2. I see one last seed hanging on.

  3. I don't know about the flowers (or what's left after the petals fall off) but my mother used to make salads using the green leaves. Quite tasty as I recall.

  4. Cool shot! What kind of camera are you using?

  5. mitch, thanks, we could use it!

    susie, good eye!

    starman, yes, the leaves are edible, but for some reason we don't harvest them.

    sean, it's a Canon T3i DSLR.


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