Friday, May 17, 2013

Signed, sealed, ready to be delivered - A Pic a Day in May #17

My trip to Paris went well. I left on a 7:40am train from Saint-Aignan with one connection in Vierzon and arrived in Paris on time. I took a nice walk from the station through the center of the city, along the river, behind the Notre Dame cathedral, across the Ile-St.-Louis and over to the the big department store (le BHV) next to city hall. After a little targeted shopping, I was off to lunch with some American friends who happened to be in town on vacation. We ate at a favorite place of mine on the Place du Bourg-Tibourg in the Marais.

Flowers on a pine tree against a blue sky.

After a fun lunch I hopped the métro over to Concorde and the American Embassy. The appointment for the notary service went smoothly and in all (including security) I was there for a little more than an hour. All the staff were friendly and efficient. After the paperwork was completed, I had time to stop in a favorite kitchen supply store before meeting up with another friend for a drink. I walked across the city from Les Halles to the train station (Gare d'Austerlitz) via Beaubourg, le Marais, and Bastille, which took about an hour. The train left just before 6:00pm and I got home at about 8:15pm.

I didn't take my camera with me because the Embassy does not allow them, or any other electronic devices, inside. Since I didn't have anybody to wait for me outside with my camera, I decided not to take it at all. It was nice just to walk in the city without stopping to take pictures.

The trains were clean, comfortable, and on time in both directions. All in all, it was very pleasant and successful day.


  1. Ah. A day trip to Paris.

    Not many can say that.....

  2. Walt, you should drop a line to the Embassy that they should install a set of small, left-gadget lockers... you pass them the camera or whatever and they give you the key... there must be many people in your position who have had the same problem... but not the knowledge... and what did you do with your mobile phone?

    You sound as though you enjoyed yourself, tho!

  3. The US Embassy here keeps your cameras and phones in a cubby hole, and issues a ticket. You can claim your belongings after your business is finished with your ticket.

  4. What a happy go-lucky guy you must have been yesterday! Just a stroll, lunch get-together, a little shopping an appointment at the Embassy, then the trip home. Everything just fell into place, it sounds like!

  5. What does the embassy do if you show up and with a camera?

  6. tch, except for the millions of suburbanites who work in the city... lol!

    tim, sounds like a good idea. The mobile phone thing was not a problem for me. I don't have one.

    anne marie, :)

    virginiac, good idea.

    judy, me too!

    mary, I love it when plans work out.

    starman, they can deny you entry and cancel your appointment. The guards will hold small items for you, though, like a little camera or maybe a cell phone. They say so on the web site.

  7. Enjoyed seeing you and having time for real conversation -- sure beats blogging and posting comments and replies. Long live live meetings!

    1. ellen, yes, it was great to see you "in person" again! :)


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