Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Almost home - A Pic a Day in May #14

Callie waits for me to take a picture on our way home from our Saturday afternoon walk. By the time I get where I'm standing for this picture, Callie is usually already at the back gate (barely visible in the center-left) with whatever stick or log she's carried home.

Hurry up! We're almost there.

Our weather is decidedly spring-like. In other words, it ain't warm. Low pressure systems from the north Atlantic churn in one after the other over the British Isles and we get the tail ends of them here. Which means lots of clouds blocking the warm sun (Saturday was an exception, but it still wasn't what you would call warm). Oh well. Summer is on its way. Right?


  1. yes, yes it is (in answer to your last question).

    over here we still have the heat on; last night's temp was 38F. I turn it off during the day as it warms up nicely.

  2. It was 102 F in the valleys yesterday and 108 F in Palm-Springs. Of course, beautiful on the coast but I would take your temps any time rather that the high ones, but not below 50 F. Am I too un-reasonable?

  3. It's beautiful there. It is 72 and sunny where I live.

  4. She's so patient with you.


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