Thursday, May 02, 2013

Tulip time is almost done - A Pic a Day in May #2

We have a few tulips on the property. The bulbs that were here when we bought the house are brilliant red. There are two or three clumps here and there; I've dug them up and moved them around a little over the years. Then there are these that I planted eight or nine years ago. They have dwindled in number, but we still get a few flowers each spring.

These were called "green tulips," but they're really white with a green stripe. I like them a lot.

I want to get some more fresh bulbs this fall and start some new tulip beds out in the back garden. I know where I want to put them, I just have to remember that I want them when the garden centers have them.


  1. These green tulips are brilliant, Walt. Never seen anything like them before. Wow!

  2. Ooh, I like these tulips, too!
    Our tulips lasted longer than usual this year, because, though we've had lots of rainy days, we haven't had huge winds and heavy, pounding rainfalls.

  3. We enjoyed our tulips a long time also, but they've been gone a couple of weeks now. We're waiting for sunshine here...

  4. Have been wondering about the
    return of the hedge guys. Looking
    forward to photos. I like the
    tapered shape of those tulips,
    far more elegant than the usual

  5. I am still waiting for my tulips to open up . Hopefully sometimes next week as mother nature is smiling upon us this week - mid 20's C all week long and sunny.

  6. I wish I could be like Star Trek and transport them to my backyard.

  7. Tulips are such a treat!

  8. I've never seen these striped tulips before now, either! Very attractive.

  9. I guess one can never have too many flowers. We are currently enduring a fierce thunderstorm!


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