Monday, May 27, 2013

Stop bugging me - A Pic a Day in May #27

It's not the best picture of an insect, but I like it nonetheless. I guess it's because of the leg articulations. The legs came in focus, whereas the antennae and the body didn't. Proof that the depth-of-field of a macro lens is paper thin.

An insect on a blade of grass.

I'm watching Roland Garros, known in the US as the French Open, now and for the next two weeks. I remember watching some of it (probably just the finals) when I was in high school in the 1970s. I actually played a little tennis back then. I was not very good at it. I started playing again about ten years ago, just before we moved to France, but I haven't played since. I have, however, gone to Roland Garros a couple of times. I wonder when I'll go back.


  1. (sings) it's got legs, it knows how to use them...

  2. That is a pretty bug.....don't think I'd be afraid of that one at all.

  3. I was wondering when you'd mention tennis- the good times are on their way. Lots of tennis for a couple of months. Tennis is fun to watch and more fun to play.

  4. Those insect legs almost look braided or plaited. Your lens is like using a microscope. How far away were you? Taking the photo didn't seem to bother the insect you must have been using your zoom.

    My pétanque club starts at 1:00 on Sunday so I left right after Venus lost her game - there were some small clips that NBC was showing of the men's game. I would have liked to see more. What a difference between the power shots the men had vs. the women's game!

    I'm with you Evelyn - I usually prefer actively participating instead of just watching sports! But I make an exception with tennis because I love it soooo much. Want to get together for a game? (hehehehe - wish it was that easy to transport ourselves, n'est-ce pas?)

  5. The bug seems to be looking at you with a "stop bugging me" look. lol

    1. jim, that's what inspired the title of the post! lol

  6. Insects are fascinating up close, yes.

  7. I played tennis when I was younger. My volley wasn't so great,but I had a killer serve. My ball would hit the ground and almost burrow.


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