Saturday, May 25, 2013

Have I mentioned it's wet - A Pic a Day in May #25

We had light rain most of the day on Friday. I was able to get about an hour's work done in the garden before it started. I decided to postpone cutting the grass until Monday, but there are still several piles of cut hazelnut branches to make smaller and stack. I made some progress on that.

Dew drops on a blade of grass.

Today we're expecting more rain, but the system should be moving out. In fact, it's not raining now and hasn't since late last night (or, at least I didn't hear any rain during the night). I'm going to the St.-Aignan market for asparagus; the season is going strong, but the end is coming. It's good to take advantage while we can.


  1. Sorry for the cold, rainy weather :( On the happy side-- your photography is amazing! Did you say that you got a new camera when you were in the US last May? What is the zoom on that thing!?

  2. Another great photo, Walt. I think I read that Paris had record setting cold temperatures a few days ago. Thank goodness I was there in April when the weather was magnificent.


  3. Météo France reports that this April-May is the coldest since 1987 and the wettest since 2008. Yuk!
    (Hopefully, the weather system split over Tours today, with unseasonably cold and wet weather over the Vox Populi and Printemps français forces only.)

  4. Nice shot of the dew drops. I can't wait to see how you fix the new batch of white asparagus.

  5. Rain, rain go away.....and take the cold with you!

  6. judy, we're having a hard time believing it. The camera is a Canon T3i SLR. I've got four lenses. The one that took this photo is a 100mm macro lens.

    bettyann, yes, it's been very cold and wet all spring, except for those few days in April when we were teased with actual spring-like weather.

    dean, and it sure feels that way. It's below 40ºF this morning! But the sky is clear.

    mary, I didn't take any photos. We attempted a béarnaise sauce, but it didn't work right. It did taste good, though!

    starman, I second that!


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