Thursday, May 30, 2013

And speaking of spiders - A Pic a Day in May #30

Well, no, we weren't actually speaking of spiders. But why not? They're everywhere and they help keep down the populations of annoying flying things. This little guy blended right in with his surroundings and I nearly overlooked him. Or her.

The underside of a tiny spider whose web was woven between the stems of wildflowers.

We had a terrific afternoon yesterday at the vacation home of some English friends who threw a little party. The house is about an hour south of us in a beautiful town called Le Grand Pressigny. The weather cooperated and the sun smiled on us most of the day.


  1. sam waits patiently for his next victim to fly by...

  2. Love the greeness of your photo!

  3. We were so very lucky with the weather!
    And very glad to see you both and Callie. It was a very special day pour moi !!

  4. We're having some grand weather this side of the Atlantic too Walt!
    Retired in Delaware

  5. Not fond of spiders up close and personal, but that's a wonderful picture, shows the beauty of their web construction.

  6. Robb tells me the weatherman has predicted rain for the entire week. So far it has rained every day, but usually at night or early morning.


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