Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Soaked - A Pic a Day in May #21

It's been raining for at least forty-eight hours now. If we weren't at the top of a hill I feel we could easily be floating away. Actually, there's not any threatening flooding going on in our parts at this point, but the Seine Valley up north and some places down south have been getting hit a lot harder.

A view across the Cher Valley during a recent break in the clouds. You can see we're green, thanks to all the rain.

This spring is definitely a wash-out. And the rain and clouds have meant not much sun to warm us up. I can really tell that the plants and flowers have slowed down considerably. The grass, however, is growing well. I also just read that Friday's low temperature is predicted to be 2ºC (that's just above freezing).

At the close of last night's TF1 newscast, the anchor said, "Stay tuned, coming up next is the November weather forecast." Then, "Be sure to tune into our noon newscast tomorrow with Jean-Pierre Pernaut (the noon anchor) in his raincoat." Ugh.


  1. eeeeek! but the top pix is so lovely and peaceful looking.

  2. And thank goodness for your pic of the week...

  3. Now that IS ridiculous... close to freezing!? In mid May??

  4. I've been wearing my winter pjs because its been so cold - but it's not down to near freezing - YET...
    Keep up those positive thoughts - maybe if we all think and pray about it ...
    at least the weather forecasters there have tried to put humor in their predictions!

  5. it is hard to imagine it raining anywhere as we've had perpetual sunshine for so long I don't remember clouds. I wish you would send some rainclouds our way.

  6. anne marie, that one on top, with the castle, was taken last September! The weather was better...

    tim, the flowers are helping.

    judy, I know, right?!!

    mary, the sun'll come out, some day.

    michael, it's like we've been cast into shadow... it's Sauron's work!

  7. Doesn't look like the grapes love the rain.


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