Monday, May 20, 2013

Still raining - A Pic a Day in May #20

It feels less like the end of May and more like the end of March. The temperatures are low, and it keeps raining. Still, the flowering trees have flowered and the spring flowers have sprung. The only thing missing is some nice warm weather in which to sit outside and enjoy it all.

All the rain has helped the grasses and wildflowers to grow tall this spring.

Oh well. We're hoping that this cold stuff doesn't mean that our summer will be a bust. But you never know. The summer of 2007 was damp and cold. This could be a repeat. We're almost nostalgic for the heat wave of 2003. Almost.


  1. Hoping for good weather you

  2. same here, dear. the lawn has to be mowed 2x/week to keep up with it all.

  3. Us too in Melbourne - actually looking forward to those open fires again. Scarves, overcoats and beanies.


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