Saturday, May 11, 2013

Love bug - A Pic a Day in May #11

This is une coccinelle (ladybug). It was sunning itself on a leaf one recent morning, and it wasn't the only one. This seems to be a good year for these helpful little beetles. They're good for the garden.

This is not Herbie. That's the sun reflected in its shell.

Do you remember the series of movies in the late 1960s and 1970s (I think they were made by Disney) about Herbie the Love Bug? That wacky Volkswagen beetle with a mind of its own? Well, in France, those movies are on television frequently. The first film, "The Love Bug" is called  "Un Amour de Coccinelle." The third film, "Herbie goes to Monte Carlo," is called "La Coccinelle à Monte-Carlo."


  1. you are correct - disney did the love bug series.

    spouse and I think this is a marvy photo.

  2. You've got to love the way the French interpret movie titles!

  3. This little fellow is a Harlequin Ladybird.... one of the escapees from the horticultural pest control experiment... but is this "No. 53"?

  4. So, given you're in France and that's not Herbie... is it perhaps [phonetically] ehRBEHR?

  5. Such a GREAT pic! I DO remember the Love Bug!!! I also loved the ladybugs in 'Under the Tuscan Sun!' Lots and lots of ladybugs!

  6. The only time my son has cried at the movies was during a moving Herbie the Love Bug scene, and when Wilson floated away from Tom Hanks in Cast Away. He's 14. :-)

  7. anne marie, thanks! I thought so...

    starman, some of them are quite funny.

    tim, hmmmmm...

    mitch, hmmmmm...

    linda, thanks!

    susie, hmmmmm...


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