Saturday, October 22, 2016

Criss cross

I noticed quite a few contrails in Wednesday morning's sky. We are under a major north-south air corridor and there are always jetliners high overhead. Paris and London are more or less due north of us, not to mention Brussels and Amsterdam. Southern destinations include Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Barcelona, Madrid, and cities in Italy and North Africa.

Looking roughly south over the vineyard parcels.

Work on the towel warmer got under way bright and early Friday morning. The old radiator is gone and the new one is up, but it's not connected to the system yet. The contractor has the new pipes fitted, but he hasn't yet connected them to the main line. He'll be back on Monday to finish up. We really like how the bathroom looks with the bulky old radiator gone, replaced by the sleek tubes of the new towel warmer. We're taking photos, of course!


  1. A towel warmer is enough to warm the bathroom adequately? They must be quite different to our electric plug in models that not many people have.

    1. You should see the size of ours.... they have the same output as a normal radiator....but are shaped so that multiple towels hang there.
      Our only annoyance is that now, you can get one that has a central section that pulls outward in front of the main fails...perfect for hanging clothes!

  2. Love the vapour trail sky scene, Walt....

  3. andrew, probably not by design, but it will be warm enough for us. It's plumbed into the central hot water heating system, so it will get as hot as the radiators do when it's cold outside.

    tim, sounds like a complex design!

  4. everything in your world seems to be a magnificent sight. lucky man!


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