Sunday, October 30, 2016

The castle at the end of the street

Here's my last photo from Châtillon-sur-Indre. We walked up the main street into the center of the old town toward the ruins of the castle and keep. You can just glimpse it in the back, with the national flag flying over the donjon (keep).

This street leads to the main square below the castle keep.

The assembly of our greenhouse slowed down to a snail's pace on Saturday. The guys were having a lot of trouble installing the glass windows. Apparently the rubber joint strips that hold the glass in the aluminum frames were very difficult to manipulate in the chilly autumn weather. They got fewer than half the window panels in, and will be back on Tuesday to, hopefully, finish up. I'm keeping the rubber gasket strips indoors at their request, so they will be warm and more malleable when the guys start up again.


  1. Woe to those poor towns that don't have a castle at the end of the street. (We are so spoiled.) Anyway, hope the greenhouse construction goes well this week. Be careful christening it with a champagne bottle on the prow though.

  2. Monsieur, can we leave our rubbers inside your house so that they are ready for us to use the next time we visit.

  3. So much nicer than the apartment building at the end of the street!

  4. Our time changes next week and then this election of ours will finally be over- I can't wait.

  5. It sounds something out of a fairy tale; the castle at the end of the road.

  6. Hope all goes well for the rest of the installation :)

  7. stuart, I always thought that was such a waste of champagne...

    andrew, lol!

    mitch, depends on the apartment building...

    evelyn, I know what you mean!

    michael, it may well be.

    judy, us too!


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